commanders message

Poppy Season is approaching.  Last year we are proud to say we raised over $13,000 and all has been distributed to Veteran’s in need.  I am asking for Volunteers to help this year, we need a lot of people to volunteer for 2 hours per shift.  Sign up Sheets are located in the Club room.  A missed shift can result in a $200-$300 loss and possible revenue.

We will also be having A Poppy breakfast on Sunday, May 19th from 8-11am.  All proceeds will go to the disabled veterans.  Also if you work a shift to help volunteer to collect money for Poppies then we will give you a ticket for a complimentary breakfast.  If not tickets for breakfast are $7.00 each

Please remember to join us every Sunday for Our Queen of Hearts drawing. Our Pot is climbing Last ticket sold at 4:55 pm, drawing at 5:00 pm



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